I'm already thinking about another car

I told you all that I sold the Falcon because we're moving. No set date yet but hopefully as soon as possible. The house here in Vegas will go on the market in about a week. We need to find a place to live back in the San Francisco Bay Area. It looks like we'll end up in an apartment, most likely in the East Bay, somewhere around San Ramon/Dublin/Pleasanton.

But I'm already scouting out Craigslist and Ebay for another car. Because I won't have a garage I need something that can be used as a daily driver until I find somewhere to work on it. I've narrowed my search to anything between 1960 and 1975 (the last year that doesn't require a smog inspection). I'm partial to Fords and for some unknown reason even to me I like Rancheros but any Ford works. I've had a variety of Fords including a '66 Galaxie 4-door with a four-barrel 352 that I bought from a tow yard.

I'm not choosy though. Anything that strikes my fancy. I'm not ready to buy yet, that has to wait until we get back. Cars I've thought about are things like a '74/'75 Mustang II but there seem to be few V8s available. I saw a V8 Chevy Monza and that might be fun. A Volvo 145 or 245 (wagon) offers something unique if unsual. I haven't ruled out a Mopar. A truck is not out of the question.

So if anyone has any leads, a lead that can wait a month or so, let me know. It should go without saying that I want something solid to build on - as little rust as possible.

After I get settled I'm going to need a place I can work on my car. Apartment complexes seem to frown on people doing repairs and/or modifications.


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