SEMA 2013, Day 2

More pictures from SEMA 2013. I guess this was a car year for me.

 '66 Comet - Big White?


 This is the engine for the Golf - it's in the hatch.

 Nifty idea for snow chains - they ziplock onto your tire/wheel!


 Want to turn your roadster Vette into a split-window? 
How about a brand new '65 Mustang fastback body?
 Galpin Ford's Backwards Econoline drag truck.

Uh yeah that really is a Viper V10 powering this Karman Ghia


Bill Haskins said…
I just got my new Hammecher-Schlemer catalog and I can buy a full-size replica Batmobile for $200K. Love these photos; whata great show-

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