Henderson (NV) Water Street Car Show 2013

We went to the Water Street car show this past weekend. Unlike the past years the weather was really nice - not too hot, not too cool.

As usual I only snapped the cars that really appealed to me for one reason or another.

 Just a really nice Hi-Boy.
You don't see too many of these around. As some friends from Newfoundland used to say, "it's a H'anglia!" 
 I snapped this primarily because I love the color. My '56 Ford Ranch Wagon was this color.
 I like the stance of this coupe. Not sure about the paint scheme.
 An unrestored, one owner, original pickup.
 Cars like this Merc ('53?) used to be called "mild" customs.
 I'd love to have this '60 Starliner even though it breaks one of my rules - Never stuff in a "big" engine without updating the brakes. It has a 4.6 Ford with a 5-speed and original drum brakes.
 How about this mid-'60s Toyota Stout? 
 Just lovely.
 I love classic coupes.
 Ala Bullitt but in one of my favorite colors.
One for the Mopar gang.


Bill Haskins said…
I love to see people that have put so much of their time and $$$ into these beautiful machines and works of art gather to show them off! Thanks Bruce.

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