Canadian Moto Guide

It seems to be my night to present other sites. In this case it is a Canadian motorcycle site, Canadian Moto Guide. Many moons ago I worked for Honda Canada, Inc. One of my coworkers at the time was a young (younger than I was) lad originally from Jamaica, Warren Milner. I worked in the Service Engineering department on cars; Warren was THE motorcycle man. Warren lived and breathed motorcycles. He raced motorcycles and he was damn good at it.

Warren became the Senior Marketing Manager for motorcycles for Honda Canada, Inc. And then he retired. He is now a consultant, writer (for Canadian Moto Guide) and a full time rider; and I do mean full time. He just finished an epic ride with some pals of around 25,000 kilometers (15,500 miles) throughout North America.

If you're into bikes at all you should check out Canadian Moto Guide at and to read Warren's stuff just plug his name into the search box. I think you'll be entertained and educated.


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