Boss Wagons

If you're a long time reader of Car and Driver you remember their "Boss Wagons." I think we may have a new one and it doesn't come from Car and Driver, it comes to you direct from Mercedes-Benz.

The 2014 M-B E63 Wagon has got to be the ultimate (for now) Boss Wagon. It has a twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8, 515-hp, 4Matic all wheel drive, 7-speed AMG Speedshift automatic transmission.

I'm a sucker for station wagons. Most people think they are passe but not me. I'd love wagons, wagons with go. And we're talking some serious go here. M-B says it will do 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds and top out at an electronically governed 155 mph. Its downside is that at best it will get 23 mpg on the highway. Who cares?

Oh I guess another downside is I'll never be able to afford one ($92,400) but I can dream can't I?


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