SEMA 2012 Day 3

 '32 Ford Tudor
 I suppose it's safer up there (except if you forget and step out) but how do us old farts get up and down?
 Neat trailer from Yakima.
How about a custom Jeep hot rod? 
A trio of old Jeeps. 
Legend car 
Hmmm, this would work better for me. From Napier
Not sure I'd drive one in Vegas but it's cool.
 MV-1, built in the USA specifically for people with disabilities. But it would make a darn good taxi too.
 1972 Toyota Levin (Corolla). I wish I owned.

 Okay I'm not big on "satin" paint but I have to admit this beach Fiat 500 looks cool.
 But not as cool as this early '50s Dodge pickup (with modern updates).
You can't see it too well but that's a billet cup holder.
 The new Dodge Dart.
A view of one of the halls.
The absurdity of low-profile tires. Do you think there's any give in those sidewalls?
'63 Ford Galaxie Fastback Holman & Moody Nascar racer.
427 Sideoiler in '63 racing trim. 
'57 Ford gasser from Galpin Ford
'70 or '71 Ranchero
Chip Foose Cadillac
Early '60s Dodge D series crew cab upgraded to modern, Cummings Diesel specs.
Brand new steel bodied '32 5-Window coupe
Another beautiful roadster
Rick Dale 
Chevy Spark
My favorite body style - Track T
It was Halloween y' know.
Cars out front.
Jeep FC
Flames and roadsters, they're just mean to be.


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