SEMA 2012 - Day 2

 Factory Five '33 Ford Hot Rod built by Peter Skoglund from Sweden with a 4.6-liter Ford and Tremec 6-speed. Do you believe it's a kit?

Henry J Rod.
'65 Pontiac Hurst GTO (but with a Chevy LS3 engine) built by Tad Nelson
 And on to the Ford stand.

 Now where can I buy a Fusion 2-door coupe? It looks nice.
How about a brand new 1940 Ford Coupe from Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts (as seen on the Ford stand)?
Here's a finished product.
 The famed So-Cal Speed Shop belly tank lakester.
Brand new So-Cal Track Roadster.

'32 Ford Roadster "Coyote" by So-Cal (so named for the "Coyote" 5-liter Ford. One just like it could be yours for about $175,000.
ZZ Topper Billy Gibbons introduced the Coyote.
 What can you say about a twin-turbo V8 in a Mustang?
And here's that twin-turbo engine.
 An incredible Cadillac resto rod.

On the Toyota stand a group of racer built one-offs. This Prius is by Clint Bowyer.

 Kyle Busch's "Rowdy Edition" Camry.
 Alexis DeJoria's Tundra Off-Road Pre-Runner

Anton Brown's Family Drag Racing Sequoia.

 '56 Ford Wagon and its engine (above).
Is this a cool Scion TC or what?
 Want a new "old" Powerwagon with a completely updated powertrain (Cummings diesel), suspension and brakes.
 Hyundai had a bunch of tuner designed cars. I like this Genesis coupe the best. I asked Hyundai's CEO John Krafcik if they were going to keep the association with "Burn Notice" and get Fiona a new Genesis Coupe. They're not letting that product placement go.
 But this Veloster, done in house was pretty awesome.
 This was pretty cool, built as a vehicle to get you to the slopes right now.
But I'm not sure about the choice of tires. Wouldn't be my first choice for snow country.
 Chrysler had a few (dozen or so) cars from the '50s up to present. Like this Firedome Hemi powered racer.
 My sister had a car like this. I rolled it; she was pissed.
 This is a fire truck. Beautiful.
 A replica of Dario Franchitti's Indy 500 winning car.
 One off Acura "Super Car" from the Avengers.
 Want a little power? How's 1,500 hp from 650 cubic inches +. It's an all aluminum, billet racing engine from Goodwin Competition Racing Engines.
 The Lingenfelter stand just before the big reveal.
 Ken Lingenfelter
 The brand new L(ingenfelter) TA
With a modern take on the fabled honey-comb wheels.

It's a beauty, very well done indeed. If you want one you better contact Lingenfelter asap - - but they don't come cheap (good things never do). The base is $40,000 and the top of the line, with a 455 cid engine (Chevy) that makes 650 hp goes for $125,000. And this is on top of a new Camaro that is transformed into the nicest Pontiac going. (GM, can't you bring back Pontiac?)
 Got a '65-'66 Stang and you want a perfect fitting 6 gauge instrument panel? Scott Drake has it.

 The winner of the 2012 SEMA Best In Show Outstanding Achievement In Design from Ford.
And it's powered by a Ford Indy DOHC V8

My booth. Why'd they leave the last "s" off the name? I'll have a word with the sign guy.
A classic roadster with an Olds engine.

 Saw this on the street; it's a Hyundai i10 from Mexico.


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