So gas is expensive, so what?

So many people are crying over gas prices as they approach four bucks a gallon (and over in some areas). Quit yer bitchin'!

First thing most people do is look for someone to blame. It's usually the government, our government. I don't know about you but the only people I see getting rich from the prices are the producing countries and the oil companies. Why is it that they oil companies always seem to report record profits every time pump prices rise?

No matter who is to blame those that seem to cry about the prices most seem to be the ones driving the gas guzzlers. Are you people nuts? Do you really believe you have a god-given right to drive something that gets poor mileage? And you think the government should subsidize you?

I'm no rich guy; I'm retired and on a fixed income. I love powerful cars and when I own another, and I will, I expect it will get no more than 20 mpg (at best). So either I'll live with it (and not complain), or I'll have a more economical daily driver. That's what I've always done.

When I was a kid and gas was way less than a buck a gallon no one worried about the price. I remember everyone pooling their change so we could come up with enough to buy a couple of gallons and head to the local McDonalds for a burger. Then when I was a starving student I remember leaving my VW at home and taking the bus because I couldn't afford gas. I never remember thinking "someone" should make gas cheap enough so I could drive wherever I wanted.

So stop whining, don't commute in the SUV if you can't afford it. Drive what you can afford to drive. And that isn't just based on fuel economy. I have a '87 Toyota pickup; it gets maybe 20 mpg around town. But it "costs" me very little to operate based on total cost. It's paid for, maintenance is low and insurance is reasonable (no collision). It's cheaper transportation than if I bought a new 35 + mpg car and made payments.

I don't whine about gas prices, I adapt. So stop expect someone (me) to subsidize your desire for grandeur.


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