Carnology - A visual game of car identification

Years ago when I was very young I remember sitting beside the road with a friend, taking turns naming the cars that whizzed by. I got to be pretty good at it although I admit to some difficulty with the differences between '49 through '51 Fords. Now there's a new game for those who like to guess what that car was. Carnology challenges players to guess the car make, model and year to score points and move around the board.

Can you spot a ’66 Corvette from 100 yards?  Can you tell the difference between a BMW, MGB or TVR?  This fast-paced game quizzes your car knowledge from the 1900s to 2012.  Race your family and friends around the board guessing from nine categories of cars including a challenging “close up” category and identifying cars just by looking at a front headlight, bumper and grill.  The first player to the checkered flag is the winner.

Carnology is available for purchase at select retailers and through Carnology’s website;  for $39.95


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