My faithful Toyota pickup needed help today

Yesterday when I took my '87 Toyota pickup out for gas I noticed there was something off with the clutch. I figured I'd have a look see later, later being sometime when it failed. So this morning it failed. Gradually, well within a half mile of home, the clutch would no longer disengage. When I got where I was going I looked under the truck (I had a had a feeling it was in the hydraulics) to see hydraulic fluid leaking from the clutch slave cylinder.

Now the problem was I was miles from home and the clutch was not working. So what to do? I've faced this dilemma before. The real problem is stop lights and signs. But no biggie; come to a red light, pull the shift lever into neutral, stop and shut the engine off. Put the shifter into first, push the clutch to the floor (in order to start the Toyota the clutch pedal must be depressed), wait for the light to turn green, twist the key and off I go. Once under way it's fairly easy to shift without the clutch.

Got the Toyota home, took Nadine's Focus down to the auto parts store where they actually had a slave cylinder in stock, back home and in less than an hour the problem is gone. At age 62 Bruce still has it!


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