Hallelujah, it's almost done!

After thinking the Ranchero's generator was seized yesterday, a friend gave me a generator that I had given him a couple of years ago. So today I went out to change generator and lo and behold, the generator wasn't seized, it was just jammed against something. A little repositioning and it's all better.

Now the Ranchero runs just fine. Great oil pressure, doesn't overheat, I even got it to idle. It would be better if I could find my timing light but what the heck. After all the problems it will sit there and idle all day.

So now that it's back together (almost, there's still some loose ends to wrap up) what will I do with it? We're moving and as much as I'd like to keep it, the wise decision will be to sell it.

So if anyone out there knows someone who would like a 1962 Falcon Ranchero with a 260 V8, Edlebrock Performer Intake with a Edlebrock 4-barrel carb, Weiand valve covers, aluminum radiator, 3-speed manual transmission, and 5-lug wheels have them get in touch. I'm looking for $1,500. It's a good deal. For another $100 I'll throw in a pair of Tri-Y headers.

I vowed I get it running before we moved and I did.


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