More Falcon

It's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Falcon, that collection of new and used parts, fired today. First it just barely fired after advancing the distributor as far as it would go. Damn, the distributor was out a tooth. After the problem with the oil pump shaft coming out with the distributor I was scared to pull the distributor up enough to move it one tooth but I had no choice. Thankfully it worked without a hitch.

Once that was done I poured a little gas down the carb, turned it over and "Bob's your uncle" it ran! But being the Falcon (I'm sure the Falcon's last name is Murphy) something had to go wrong. This time it was the generator; the darn thing seized! So there was no way to let it run for long but it did idle long enough to confirm that the coolant is circulating and there was good oil pressure.

Soon I will beat this beast into submission.


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