2010 Lincoln MKS

Everyone is wondering what is going to happen with Lincoln now that Ford has announced the imminent demise of Mercury. It has been Lincoln-Mercury for so long, will it end up like Martin without Lewis (oh wait, that worked out okay didn't it?).
Lincoln, like the other domestic luxury brand, is and has been struggling to establish itself as a worthy competitor to the foreign brands. Is the MKS one of the models that will do it? I simply do not know.

I'm not keen on the moniker - MKS. What does it mean? What does it stand for? So many brands seem to have gotten away from names for their models and I simply do not know why. Lincoln has a history of strong model names, names that meant something to people.

The MKS is not a bad car, in fact I liked it a lot. I liked more from the inside than the outside. I just can't warm to the massive chrome grille. The rest of the design is fine but the nose just doesn't work for me.

What does work is the Eco-Boost 3.5-liter V6. Let's face it, 355-hp always works for me. The fact that it is rated up to 25-mpg is extraordinary. There is a trick to getting mileage that high though - drive easy. If you keep putting your foot in it like I did, well as they say, "your results may differ."

I'm not sure that the MKS can decide if it's a luxury car or a luxury sports sedan. Don't get me wrong, it holds its own both in the turns and down the interstate. I'd love to see a more sporty version with some luxury deletes. Oh yeah, I also can't stand the white leather interior. White?! Yeah that would work for me.

I'd get rid of the chrome nose, the chrome aluminum wheels, add some noise to the exhaust - yeah that would work. A couple of other things too - I'd never order the combination lock thingy, it looks like a calculator keyboard on the door. And I am really beginning to hate "adaptive cruise control."

The MKS as tested hit $53,930.


Unknown said…
The 2010 Lincoln MKS receives a new engine advantage afterward its addition for the 2009 archetypal year. This premium-large car is accessible with front- or all-wheel drive and shares some of its basaic architecture with the Ford Taurus.

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