2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

In many ways the mid-size hybrids make more sense for families than the compact versions. Cars like the Camry are true four-door, five passenger vehicles - and they get great fuel economy.  The Camry is rated at 33-city and 34-highway. 

Probably the biggest minus for the Camry Hybrid is that it doesn't look different from the full gas powered version.  People who buy hybrids seem to want to stand out in a crowd so that everyone can see they're "green".  I don't understand this, being the humble guy that I am.  I have no need to scream how green I am, or if I'm driving something fast, how fast I am.  Actions should be your calling card.

How was the Camry Hybrid?  It was/is a Camry folks, which means it was a great, comfortable, reliable mode of transportation that just happens to be extremely fuel efficient, especially around town.  (Compared to the non-hybrid Camry 4-cylinder, the Hybrid gets 12-mpg better economy.)

Yes the Hybrid is more expensive - the one I drove went out the door for $31,930.  That's about $5,000 +/- of a comparable gas only Camry.  Considering that your fuel costs will significantly decrease, I'd say it's a good buy.


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