2009 Toyota Yaris Five-Door Liftback

Had a 2009 Toyota Yaris Five-Door Liftback delivered on April 8th - sanity returns to my daily commute. The 5-Door Liftback is new for '09; it's the same size overall as the 3-Door Liftback, it just is easier to access the back seats. Not that anyone could sit back there if I'm in the driver's seat - there is literally no leg room for the back seat if the front seat is pushed all the way back. You could put a couple of baby seats back there without any complaint from the occupants.

The Yaris I'm driving (until tomorrow) is equipped with the 4-speed automatic transmission. It works well but it is pretty busy on hilly roads, downshifting and up-shifting so as to maintain speed. The 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder puts out a decent 106 hp, so the Yaris is not embarrassed either in cut and thrust of commute traffic of zipping along on the highway.

The auto trans Yaris is rated at 29-city and 35-highway; a manual trans will get you one extra mpg on the highway.

A 3-Door Liftback starts at $12,205, the 5-Door Liftback at $13,305, and the 4-Door Sedan at $12,965. These are excellent prices for a vehicle that comes standard with Toyota's renowned reliability. I could see myself in a Carmine Red 3-Door with a 5-speed manual trans, some TRD 18" wheels, and the top of the line sound system. I'd end up with a nice commuter car that I wouldn't hesitate to take a trip in. For those of you who need the extra two doors, opt for the 5-Door Liftback. There is a ton of cargo room in either with the rear seats folded.


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